Difference between Sch. Start Date and Start Date on Project Report

The difference between the Sch. Start Date and Start date columns on project report, is that when the project is created a required field is the "Sch. Start Date" and it is auto-populated with the current date that the project is created.  Therefore, if it is July 21, 2016 and I create a new project in Project Insight 7/21/16 will auto-populate in the Sch. Start Date field for the project.  A project creator should put the estimated Start Date of the project but it is not needed.  Then once the project is populated with tasks a PM might set the first task of the project to start on a specific date by using a "Must Start On" constraint on the task and for this example I say they put the task to start on August 3, 2016.  Therefore, the result in this scenario is a Sch. Start Date of 7/21/16 but the Start Date will be earliest starting task which is 8/3/16.

Below is a video that demonstrates the above.
Online 7/21/2016