Email and File Save Attempts Fail

Saving an email or file from the Connector applications may fail even though other functions work as expected. This failure to save the file or email may result in a "Please wait" dialogue box which does not go away until the application (Word, Outlook, etc.) is completely closed.

This is a known problem as the result of UTC (Universal Time Code) being out of synch between the Project Insight server and the PC using the Connector applications. The most common cause of this problem is that a user has the incorrect time zone selected in Windows and manually adjusts their desktop clock to be the correct time. For example, a person travelling with their notebook computer might adjust the clock when they're away from their home time zone instead of changing the time zone to adjust the clock. As a security measure, the underlying ASP.Net code will refuse a connecton when it detects this inconsistency.

Correcting the problem is done by selecting the correct time zone and resetting the clock to the correct time for the selected time zone. The ASP.Net code allows for some dicrepency, so the server and client do not have to be on the exact same minute, but they do need to be within a few minutes variance in order to allow the connection for saving files.

Online 11/13/2009
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