Ethics and Responsibility

Who should attend:
These webinars are intended for project sponsors, function/business unit managers, portfolio managers, program/project managers, project team members, auditors, and other business stakeholders.

Business Objectives:

• Understand the true meaning of the word ethics
• Learn how to safeguard yourself and your company
• Know how to handle problems directly


Today ethics seems to be a word that many feel only apply to the other person doing something right, but not “us”. Ethics is a word for a philosophy that encompasses proper conduct and good living. It is about the standards of right and wrong that prescribe what all humans ought to do. This session dives right into what is ethical and responsible in the workplace, some laws and regulations, and how to safeguard yourself and your company when it comes to the law. What would “You” do in order to make the right choice and be responsible? You will take away: perception is everything; responsibility and ethics is universal; handle problems directly; why you should set the example first; balance stakeholder’s values to improve integrity.

Online 2/29/2012
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