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Fifty percent of our waking hours are spent at work. Why be miserable? Field Trip 101 is a way to have fun at work, build esprit de corps and get more done…without breaking the bank! Bringing your staff the Field Trip 101 experience develops feelings of loyalty and belonging more quickly than many more expensive methods. And when it comes to exceeding goals, reaching milestones and achieving the company’s vision—team is a powerful thing. Field Trip 101 is based on the 3Cs.


  • Construct the Event. Apply the Field Trip 101TM blueprint to build a truly powerful out-of-office experience
  • Create the Moment. Use the Field Trip 101TM template to give your trip a theme and a purpose. Learn how to link it to your organization’s mission, purpose and goals
  • Capture the Memory. Explore ways to collect the moments of your shared experiences to help you and your team weather times of adversity and stress

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