Getting Your Team's Brainstorm Ideas from MindManager into Project Insight

Many project teams want to brainstorm ideas before creating a project plan. That's a great idea. You can use a white board and sticky notes to do this, or you can use a great brainstorming tool like MindManager. This solution allows you to put all of your team's ideas in one place and branch off of various threads. Then when you are ready to put the project schedule together and execute, you can export the ideas from MindManager to Microsoft Project as an .mpp file.

Project Insight can import the MSP file in a couple of ways, so your ideas flow seamlessly into your project management software.

Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

  • Save your MindManager MindMap as Microsoft Project .mpp file
  • Answer the questions in the layer
  • Takes all MindMap task and dependencies and exports it to an .mpp file
  • If you use PI's MS Project Connector, you can click 'import' from the add in icon
  • Click on 'I Need to Create a New Project' or 'Replace an Existing Project as the case may be'
  • If you need to create a new project, this will take you to the project add form
  • Give the project a name and save
  • Then go back to MSP and click the import icon again, then find the project in the drop down list by name
  • Select 'Replace Entire Project'
  • Make the selections in the resource mapping and resource type mapping
  • Click save
  • This will import the .mpp file into PI

  • If you don't use the MSP Connector, no problem, just open file in MSP and do a save as MSP XML file
  • Then go to PI and open a project add form and select import from MS Project
  • Select the MSP XML file from your hard drive or network
  • Click save and display

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Online 2/1/2017
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