Help Channels: How to reach us at PI

If you are looking for some help, we have tons of self-service resources on our Project Insight Support page. The best self-service resources in the world can't compare to our awesome support staff! If you want to reach a live person at Project Insight, here are the best ways:


Tickets are the first line of defense against any Project Insight problem. Our ticketing system is fast and efficient to record when you submitted the issue, what correspondence took place about the issue, and what resolution was found. You can submit a ticket by emailing '', using the help icon in top right corner of PI, or visiting
Check out our PI Help Center video for more information.


If you have a training or API question, you can submit your question to our Forum. Get answers from PI experts and other PI customers who use the forums. Use the help icon in top right corner of PI, or visit and click "Community" to get help from PI or customers like you!

Feature Requests

If you have great idea for Project Insight, you can add it to our Product Feature Requests queue. As requests gain more votes, they move up the list, so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

Office Hours

Join us for FREE training with a live trainer in PI Office Hours. Seriously, a real person. Answering your questions in community. On the line with others who use PI#enterprise too. Check it out!!!!

Call us

If you have already opened a ticket, a phone call may be the best way to communicate about the issue. Call us at 949.476.6499 ext 4. We will ask you to open a ticket because we both want a record of when the issue was opened and what resolution was found.

Online 6/23/2016
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