How to Set a Baseline in Project Insight

If you want to capture the history of the changes on your project, then you may use the baseline functionality to capture and view changes. It is a good practice to set an original baseline upon project launch. Here are the steps:

-Click on the project task list or Gantt chart

-Go to ‘project views,’ and select ‘options’

-From there, click on the tab called ‘project baseline’

-Give the baseline a name

-Click ‘save’


To view the current schedule against the baseline:


-Click on the project task list or Gantt chart

-Go to the ‘display options’ icon

-In the lower right hand corner, you will see a checkbox ‘show baseline as a separate row’

-Check that box and then click on the ‘update’ icon


This will display your current baseline against your current schedule. The grayed out row is your baseline.

Online 3/10/2016
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