Import Users from Excel


System administrators, user managers, project managers


  • Customize your own template in which you would like to import a list of users
  • Export the template to .csv
  • Import a long list of users in just a few clicks


Project Insight allows you to import users from Excel. First, click on Users and Display Options.

Open the Column Selection Filtering Options and go to the Quick Selection. Choose Default User Import.

Or, you can add or remove columns using the column selector.

Save your export template as a ‘quick selection’ if desired.

Click the update or refresh icon.

Navigate to the export arrow on the top menu and select Export to CSV.

Once the file downloads and opens, add your users to the Excel template and save to your drive or network.

Important - Once the Excel file pops up, make sure that you ‘save as’ an Excel Workbook.

Navigate back to your Project Insight Users list and select the import icon on top right of the users list– leave the default settings.

Browse and select your Excel file with your users list.

Browse and select your Excel file with your users list – click on the Upload icon to import.

Your list users will show up on the User Import screen.

Validate the list of users by checking off names one by one or choose select all.

Once you have verified your list, click ‘save.’

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