Integrate with Your CRM

Project Insight, portfolio and project management software, is the most usable, flexible and customizable software in the mid-market. Our software has been integrated with a myriad of CRM solutions, ERPs, accounting systems, help desk applications and even home grown databases.

At Project Insight, we believe in a ‘best of breed’ approach to enterprise applications. That is, let each application perform the functions it was designed to perform. This reduces errors associated with manual and duplicated entry, and makes your information available in real-time.

This session is about the common integration points of Project Insight and popular CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft CRM and Sage CRM. We believe the project team is best served by working daily in Project Insight and the sales team is best served by working in the CRM. However, it is imperative that these two teams work together, collaborate and share knowledge.
Online 11/17/2016
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