Leadership - Be Coached On How To Approach Your Next Difficult Conversation

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What conversation do you need to have that you are avoiding?

Difficult conversations are a part of life! There will be a time when you want to get something and are uncomfortable asking for it. The reasons may vary, it might be:

  • Asking for that long awaited raise or vacation
  • Asking for more resources when you have been told there is no budget
  • Giving uncomfortable feedback to a peer or employee
  • Someone is treating you unfairly or just not responding at all

Whatever it is, once you overcome the fear and learn the 5 step simple to apply roadmap, you will gain confidence and improve the quality and effectiveness of all your conversations.


  • Gain valuable insight and improve ability to have difficult conversations
  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of daily conversations
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and performance

Online 6/3/2016
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