Leveraging Office Connector Add-On

Project Insight simplifies working with files in the cloud with Office Connector Add-On. This popular Connector works with the Microsoft Office Suite, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

To get started, your Project Insight (PI) Administrator needs to download and install the Connectors on your computer.

Upload a File

You may upload a file directly from Project Insight which is outlined in the Document Sharing training video. But, you can also upload a file directly from Word, Excel and PowerPoint using the Office Connector.

Open a saved file from your hard drive or network. (A new file must be saved somewhere before uploading it the first time. But after that, you’re good to go!) Go to the Add-Ins section of the application. There you will see the Save to PI and PI Settings icons. You will use Save to PI most of the time. The only time you need to think about PI Settings is upon initial set up and if you change your PI username or password, as the settings will need the correct username and password to connect.

Click on Save to PI. A dialogue box appears, giving you access to the areas in Project Insight that you have permissions to. Select a location for your file, whether that’s a folder, a task, an issue or other item. Another dialogue box appears saying your upload was successful. You will also see a blue link. You can click that to view your file inside of PI.

Edit a File from PI

You can edit a file that is already in PI. Simply find the file, click on the blue link to open it. The application it uses will open and you will see your file. Edit what you need to. Then click Save to PI again.

You have two options:

  1. Save the file in a folder or a new location. This will create a new file.
  2.  Or, replace the existing file by over writing it. Do this by clicking on that file. A dialogue box will appear letting you know you are over writing the file. If you are sure, click ok.

Option 2 is commonly used with files that have version control set on them. This puts the newest version on top and pushes the previous file into the Version History section of the file in PI. You can always go back to earlier versions in PI.

You can always preview a file by clicking on the thumbnail icon. 

Also, there is a setting that will force every file uploaded to have version control on it automatically. If your team wants to use this, have your PI Administrator go to Administration, Files and check the checkbox to enable.

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