Manage Issues and To-dos on the Project Insight Dashboard


Any Project Insight user, team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors


  • Learn how to manage other elements that make up the Project Insight Dashboard like issues and to-dos
  • Manage issues assigned to you and issues that you are overseeing
  • Utilize the 'Work List' - a hybrid list of all items assigned to you including tasks, issues and custom forms
  • View a list of To-dos and update percent complete with one click
  • Use the 'On it' feature to shorten your lists and prioritize
  • Customize issues, to-dos and other item lists by using the display options


There are many other elements of the Project Insight dashboard. For example, you may add the issues you are assigned to by clicking on the display options and adding the issues list to your dashboard. The issues managing are all the issues you have assigned to others that you are overseeing.

You will see the name of the issue, the project it is associated with, the status type, who it is assigned to and who assigned the issue. Just like other elements on the dashboard, you have the choice to shorten your list to items you are ‘working on’ using the ‘on it’ icon.

As with other elements of the dashboard, you may also open the display options icon and filter and narrow your list using the drop down lists and check boxes provided. You may also add columns to your display using the checkmarks here. For example, let’s add the issue number column.

To view more detail, simply click on the name of the issue and this will take you directly to the issue form for more details.

The work list is a hybrid list meaning that it is a list of all items you may be assigned to including tasks, issues, or even custom items.

To-dos are a great way to track small activities that may not be on a project. Or, they may be used to build out steps of a task. As with tasks and other elements, you may update the percentage complete directly from the dashboard by clicking the percent here.

Again, you have access to ‘on it’ and display options to further define each element.

Online 1/13/2015
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