Manage Tasks from the Project Insight Dashboard


Any Project Insight user, team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors


  • Learn how to update and manager your task list from the Project Insight Dashboard
  • Sort your task list by start date, task name or any other blue column header
  • Find all important information to tasks including the start date, percentage complete and more
  • Get one click access to the task detail form
  • Learn how to use the 'On it' feature to help prioritize your work


Let’s go into more depth on each element of the dashboard. First, tasks are any task you are assigned to. The default is sorted by start date, but you may sort by end date or any other column header in blue. This is true throughout the application. If the column header is blue, then it is sortable.

You will see the name of the task, the project, who assigned the task, the percentage complete, start and end date. If a task is overdue, the end date will be in red. For more information on that task, simply click on the task name and you will be taken to the task detail screen.

At first, all tasks you are assigned to on active are displayed. You can decide how far in advance you want them to appear. To view or change the options, simply click on the display options icon and you may choose how many days in advance you would like your tasks to appear, or decide if you would like only tasks with their predecessors marked complete and more. Be sure to save any changes.

On each element, you will notice the option to select ‘on it’ or ‘all.’ The ‘on it’ option allows each team member to choose what tasks he or she is working on for that day or week and then shorten the list to only display those tasks. To choose which tasks you are working on, simply highlight the task and click on the blue checkmark. This designated that item as something you are ‘working on.’

If you’d like to see only those tasks you are working on, click ‘on it’ and that will shorten the list.

Online 1/13/2015
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