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Below is a screenshot from the ‘Administration’ section called ‘Desktop Tools’:

Here is a link for you to download the Office and Outlook Connector that will recognize Office 2010. Below is a link to the latest connectors, they’re the same as 2007 just now they will recognize to look for Outlook/Office 2010 when installing.

Microsoft Outlook and Office Connector Installation Instructions

Microsoft Outlook and Office Connectors are client-based applications that leverage .NET technology introduced by Microsoft in the Microsoft Office 2003/2007 Professional application. Installation and configuration of the Office 2003/2007 products and the Project Insight Outlook and Office Connectors must be performed only by your Windows application professionals familiar with the Microsoft Office 2003/2007 .NET environment.

Installation Checklist
The following environment must be established in order to install the Microsoft Outlook and Office Connectors. Instructions to establish the .NET Framework requirements are included for reference. However, it is recommended to consult Microsoft for review of the latest installation and configuration requirements for the .NET environment.

1. Microsoft Office Professional 2003/2007.
2. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003/2007 (2003 Service Pack 3; 2007 Service Pack 1).
3. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
4. Microsoft Office Outlook .NET Programmability Support.
5. Project Insight Outlook Connector Install File.
6. Microsoft Web Services Enhancements (WSE) must be installed and running on the Project Insight application server. These services are already configured for Project Insight hosted customers. Installed customers should reference their installation instructions and server software requirements to ensure that the proper Microsoft Web Services Enhancements version and service pack software are properly installed.

Installing the Microsoft .NET Framework
If you do not already have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer, you may download it through the Windows Update process using the “Custom” options.

1. Click on the “Help and Support” option from your Start menu.
2. Select “Custom Install.”
3. Select “Optional Software Updates” from the left navigation.
4. Check Select Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Installing Microsoft Office Outlook .NET Programmability Support
In order for the Microsoft Office applications to run .NET add-ins, the .NET Programmability Support feature must be installed.

To install this feature:
1. Click on the Control Panel option from the Start menu.
2. Select Add or Remove Programs.
3. Click on Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003/2007 and select “Change” when expanded.
4. When the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003/2007 installer launches, select Add or Remove Features
5. Check “Choose advanced customization of applications”.
6. Expand Microsoft Office Outlook node.
7. Click on .NET Programmability Support and select -> Run From My Computer.
8. Perform steps 6 and 7 for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word if you are installing the Office Connector.
9. Click the “Update” button to install the .NET Programmability Support feature.

Installing Project Insight Outlook Connector
1. Close any open Microsoft Office 2003/2007 applications.
2. Close Microsoft Instant Messenger.
3. Run the Outlook Connector installation .MSI file from the local computer or network location.
4. Follow the installation wizard to install the Outlook Connector.
5. Perform steps 3 and 4 for the Office Connector to install the Office Connector.

Connecting to Project Insight
The first time you open Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, or Word after installing the Outlook and/or Office Connectors, you will be prompted to set your Project Insight URL and user account login information for your Project Insight. When the setting window appears:

1. Select http (normal) or https (SSL protected) as the URL type of your Project Insight system. If you are unsure which URL type your Project Insight system uses, contact your internal Project Insight system administrator.
2. Enter your project insight URL. This is usually in the form If you are unsure of your company’s Project Insight URL, contact your internal Project Insight system administrator.
3. Enter your Project Insight user name.
4. Enter your Project Insight password.
5. Click the Save button to save your settings.

Upgrading Project Insight Outlook and Office Connector to Office 2007
When upgrading from MS Office 2003, you must first uninstall the previous versions of the Project Insight Outlook and Office connector software prior to upgrading your Office environment.

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