We gather information and assist customers based on testing and feedback from our customer base when we can, however, Connector applications are freeware downloads and support of the applications is not part of our normal Project Insight server application support.

Please review the information below which goes over known issues and fixes for the Outlook Connector.

If you do continue to have issues with the Connector applications, please submit a support incident via the regular procedure so we can log it in our issues list for future development. We will answer any questions and post updates as we continue to research issues and update the applications.


2009-06-23: Special 8.1 Release Note Before Troubleshooting:

Most of the problems in this troubleshooting document have been resolved as of the 8.1 release of the Connector applications. Although you may not have upgraded your server to version 8.1, the 8.1 Connector applications will work with the exception of a new feature to use Windows Authentication. Please uninstall previous versions of the Connector applications, then download and install the applications from your Desktop Tools section before working through any of the following troubleshooting steps.

Important: Do not use the new feature for Windows authentication until such time that you have upgraded to Project Insight 8.1 on your server. It is not used by default and should be left off (unchecked) unless advised otherwise following your server upgrade.


Outlook Connector Errors during the Install attempt:

Problem: The error message reads as follows:

This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic.

Workaround: This is often the result of a "partial install" which failed, but made an entry into the "Add/Remove Programs" in your Control Panel. Use Add/Remove Programs to uninstall Outlook Connector and attempt to install again.

Additional Info: The following information/post is from


“Carolyn Napier [MSFT] Mar 11 2004, 1:38 pm 
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.windows.msi 
From: "Carolyn Napier [MSFT]" <cnapier@online.microsoft.com> 
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 12:35:35 -0800 
Local: Thurs, Mar 11 2004 1:35 pm 
Subject: Re: unable to install .msi file 

Are you in an environment where software deployment is used such that the 
application was originally advertised? The error message comes from packages 
created with Visual Studio. They do not allow installation in full UI mode if 
the application was previously advertised on the machine. If the application was 
previously advertised, you have to install using basic UI or no UI. 

The following should work: "msiexec /i package.msi /qb" which would initiate the
install in Basic UI.     

Hope this helps, 

- Carolyn Napier 

Microsoft Windows Installer Team 

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights . 

Please do not send email directly to this alias. This alias is for newsgroup
purposes only.

Why will Outlook and Office Connector work on the hosted server, but not my installed server?

Symptoms: All requirements for the server access and server installed components have been validated. The connection to the server fails from a Connector client which is known to be working properly.

Solution: File permissions within the Project Insight installation folder may not be set properly to allow the Connector applications access. Using the reference from the installation instructions, set "Everyone" to "Full Control" in the Project Insight folder (the default is \Inetpub\Project Insight) and replace permissions on all child items

If anonymous access in IIS has been disabled it may be necessary to set "Enable anonymous access" on for the "Office" subfolder in the IIS settings for the Project Insight Web site. This setting is anonymous by default when following the standard installation instructions for Project Insight, but may have been changed if Windows authentication was configured in IIS for accessing the Project Insight Web application as opposed to using the standard Web-based login method.

Outlook Connector Buttons don't appear on Email detail page when Word is Selected as Rich Text Email Viewer

Problem: The Outlook Connector toolbar will not show in an email window within Outlook if the email is rich text and Word is designated as the rich text reader.

Workaround: Deselect Word as the rich text reader in the Outlook email options. (Go into Options/Mail Format to get to this option)

Server Connection Errors Following the Succesful Installation of Outlook/Office Connector.

Symptoms: Testing for a connection to the Project Insight server may result in an error. The first test is an attempt to contact a known working URL in the Project Insight hosted services environment. If you are attempting to connect to an installed server, we want to make certain that the client software is working first. Do not proceed to troubleshoot the server without first confirming that the server responds normally with a properly working Connector client. You may send a request to support to have Metafuse personnel attempt a connection from a known working Connector client to your hosted server if you would like to test the server without having first established that the client software is working properly.

Solution: The following errors, causes and resolutions are currently known:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request:

The connection to the URL supplied was made, but the server is not running the expected application. This is normally due to a mistyped URL or a server configuration problem. If the URL is proven as correct, the server installation should be checked for properly enabled Web Services and ASP.NET Framework configuration.

Invalid URL:

Athough double-checking that the URL is correct is the obvious first step, this error does sometimes display if the Web Services Enhancements are not installed on the server. Missing Web Services Enhancements should not be an issue if you are using hosted Project Insight services.

Another problem which can result in an invalid URL message is related to proxy server settings. The .NET runtime does not support automatic proxy discovery scripts. If Internet Explorer uses the automatic configuration options to determine the HTTP proxy settings, you may need to manually configure the global HTTP proxy settings in the Machine.config file. Further information may be found in a Microsoft knowledge article at http://support.microsoft.com/?id=307220.

Incorrect Version:

The server and client versions are not the same. Uninstall the client software and reinstall using the download accessed from the URL in the proper Project Insight server. This error may also appear if the versions are correct, but the server is not configured properly.

Outlook and Office Connector Applications Will Not Connect to a Server

Symptoms: The client applications are working properly, which has been verified using a test connection to Project Insight hosted services, but a customer installed system does not work.

: This is often a problem with the Web Enhancement Services on the server. Testing the server for the proper configuration can be done using the following URL from a Web browser, replacing [URL] with the specific server's URL:


You should see a page starting with content similar to the following:


The test form is only available for requests from the local machine.

The following is a sample SOAP request and response. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

If you do not see a page with content similar to this, reinstall the WSE version referenced in the Project Insight installation instructions and retest. Contact support if it continues to fail.

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Bug Fails to Display the Connector Buttons

Symptoms: If the connector applications are installed, but the buttons to use the applications do not show up in the MS Office interface, it may be due to a known .NET Framework 2.0 bug.   Here is a link for another possible cause of the Outlook Connector buttons not appearing after a successful install, Outlook Connector Button Troubleshoot.

Workaround: This bug is referenced in the following Microsoft article: 


The workaround to this bug has to be deployed independently on each client.

Start by uninstalling the Connector applications. 

Click here to download a .zip file with the following four files in it:

1. extensibilityMSM.msi
2. lockbackRegKey.msi
3. office2003-kb907417sfxcab-ENU.exe
4. RunPatches.bat

The "RunPatches.bat" file is a Windows batch file that will execute the other three files in the correct order. Run the "RunPatches.bat" file after extracting the files to any folder (i.e. temp).

The Office/Outlook Connectors will need to be reinstalled afterwards and retested.

Important FYI's

1. Installation Note: Outlook must be run at least once before the Outlook Connector is installed. If you install Office and then Immediately install the Outlook Connector before running Outlook at least once, then the Outlook Connector toolbar will not register properly in Outlook. Outlook needs to run once so it can do its initial setup before it will be ready to accept a 3rd-paty add-in like the Outlook Connector.

2. Duplicate Tasks. If Outlook is synced to Project Insight from multiple computers then tasks in Outlook will be duplicated. This occurs because the Outlook Connector keeps track of tasks downloaded from Project Insight in an external file on the client computer. If a second computer is used to perform a sync then the external file will be missing and the Outlook Connector will not recognize that existing tasks have already been downloaded from Project Insight.
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