Planning and Schedule Development

Who Should Attend:
These webinars are intended for project sponsors, function/business unit managers, portfolio managers, program/project managers, project team members, auditors, and other business stakeholders.

Business Objectives:
  • Learn how to build and plan a schedule as a group
  • Know how to use basic scheduling techniques
  • Apply your planning skills to your industry

Planning and scheduling a project is a difficult and time consuming.  But it is also a required task. Not only must the project manager know everything about the project, but they must also consolidate with stakeholders ALL the tasks into a cohesive logical schedule to guide the project, the team and other stakeholders. Building a plan and a schedule is a group technique requiring leadership skills and attention to the big picture as well as the details. Developing a plan and setting up a schedule doesn’t have to be difficult if you use basic, simplified techniques that do not require a software tool. The skills and competencies learned may be applied in all endeavors and have consistently shown advantages in: manufacturing, technology, new product development, services sector, health and human services, and the municipality-public sectors.

Online 3/27/2012