Custom Implementation and Training Package

The Platinum implementation and training package incorporates all of the elements of the Rapid Ramp Up and adds project template and multi-step forms creation. Consider Platinum if your team has the following characteristics:

-Your team needs help refining its business process around the software
-Your timeline to implement is compressed or urgent
-You anticipate some cultural adoption challenges
-Your team plans to use most of the functionality of the software
-You have multiple departments, units or teams that will adopt the system
-You need to develop and/or refine project templates
-You require sophisticated permissions settings
-You plan to add many team members with minimal training
-You have many documents or deliverables that need to be automated online

Business Process Consulting Onsite

The first phase is the business process consulting performed onsite. In order to maximize the time of your stakeholders, we can interview them separately or as a united team. We need a minimum of two hours per stakeholder. For example, two hours with the CEO and two with the CFO, etc. During these meetings, we focus on:

-Interviewing stakeholders involved in the implementation to assure the goals and objectives will be met
-Analyzing your business needs to identify the best practices for achieving your goals
-Defining your objectives and the deliverables for the implementation
-Modeling the global settings to fit your business processes
-Mapping out the organization’s implementation

QuickStart Guide Development and Revisions

We take the knowledge uncovered in the business process consulting sessions and create custom manuals for your team called QuickStart Guides. Your business process consultant writes the first drafts and then asks you to collaborate, giving feedback and guidance. This collaborative process may have a few rounds of revisions. The QuickStart Guides are finalized prior to training the team.

Project Template Building

Sometimes project teams need help creating their project templates, or just refining them. Our consultants help facilitate the definition of project tasks or steps in the process as well as determine how detailed your steps should be. Once the tasks and level of work have been defined, we facilitate the workflow of those steps. The deliverable from the session is a project template or templates.

Multi-Step Forms or Workflow Creation

Project Insight allows for project teams to automate forms that are being managed in applications like Word and Excel and to put them online. This leverages the power of the project software by allowing not only online capture, but also real-time reporting across forms of a similar type. These custom workflows may be a single page, or multiple steps. They may deploy data fields of many types.  They may be routed for approval with a list of predefined users. They may incorporate if-then logic. They may be designed with HTML and more.

Because the custom workflows can be involved, we offer consulting assistance with the set up.

Product Application Training

With QuickStart Guides in hand, our training experts return onsite and train the team, segmented by Project Insight role. If the team is sizable, we break the teams down into groups of no more than 10 each training session. In our experience, smaller group sizes allow people to feel comfortable asking questions.

We also recommend that at least one person who participated in the business process consulting be present in every product training session. This helps the team if they should have questions as to why certain decisions were made, or to help clarify the organization’s policies, and the like. Keep in mind, if you anticipate any ‘squeaky wheel’ participants, or cultural adoption challenges, you will be able to keep those rogue team members in check.

White Glove Support

If you would like even more assurance that your implementation succeeds, you may opt for the white glove support which includes a dedicated account manager that is familiar with your QuickStart Guides. This is paid support post-implementation for a few months afterward so you can call in and get advice from someone who knows your business processes. It is common for teams to choose three to six months of this special support for a certain number of hours per month, depending on the maturity level of your team.

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