PM in Practice - Positive Conflict That Invites Team Collaboration and Sparks Creativity

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


There are two major myths about conflict: that it always involves anger and that it's always negative. Conflict can actually be a positive tool for growth if you know how to manage it properly.

How do you really shift your mindset from negative to positive when found in a difficult conflict situation? Now that we have learned how to define conflict, its type and role, let’s put an action plan into practice.

Join Diane Buckley, CEO of Core Performance Concepts and PM Expert, and Brenda Williams, Certified Professional Coach, to discuss key strategies on how to get you and your team past conflicting situations and into a team of collaboration.


  • Increase your conflict management skills
  • Gain tips on how to resolve conflict
  • Learn how to engage others and build team cohesiveness
  • Improve leadership capability

Online 9/28/2016
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