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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


Is conflict interfering with employee job satisfaction, slowing down production, and creating an unpleasant workplace environment? Are people arguing, having personality clashes, or are some employees just difficult to work with? Are conversations just not happening because people fear conflict?

Conflict is not and should not be considered a bad thing. Conflict can have a powerful positive or negative impact on a company’s productivity, profitability, and public image. During this session, you’ll be able to share your experiences with our panel of experts as we discuss the best steps to defuse conflict before it gets out of hand. We’ll also learn how to turn destructive conflict into constructive conflict in order to strengthen relationships, improve the work environment, team cohesiveness, productivity, and profitability.


  • Talk to the experts and collaborate on real life case studies
  • Share your conflict experiences, successes and failures
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to gain team commitment

* Live panel via web cameras are only visible during live webinar.

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