Project Insight Release Notes


The count of Items in the "Related Items" area is now displayed at the top of the area.

Group By option has been added to the Unsubmitted Time Sheet Report.

Item overdue notifications now work for Approval Requests based on their Deadline Dates.

A scorecard can now be copied.

The timer's time is now editable by clicking on the time itself.


Create/Edit Reports column has been added to the User List Report.

Fixed Timer Issues.

Fixed bug that did not allow receipts to be added for expense entry on mobile.

Fixed bug that did not allow to run project request reports.

Field: "Task Var. Work Expense vs Actual" is now an available column on the Expense Entry Report.

Attachments to Expense Reports are now viewable from the Expense Report - Report.

The WorkList RSS feed will now filter according to your Work List Settings on your dashboard.

Fixed issue with the project charts on the dashboard not filtering correctly.

The in-line edit of the Project Request now triggers the appropriate update auto-alert.

Fixed a bug that prevented Auto Alerts for Project Requests to be created.

Fixed a bug in the shortcut direct hyperlinks.

Fixed a problem which new shortcuts would not open in iframe when selected.

Fixed a bug which prevented the save as default (homepage) option to not be presented on saved reports.

Fixed a bug which caused add as favorite to not be presented on saved reports.

Fixed bug to allow click thumbnails to see file preview.

Fixed the bug in Task Resource Report - Tasks that went over were not showing up in red.

When exporting to CSV format, all HTML formatting for comments is now stripped.

Fixed issue when filtering long lists in combo boxes. The filtering took a long time to process.

Fixed a bug that would cause an error when creating a project with no custom fields from a project request that has custom fields.

Wording for Project Import from Microsoft Project XML has been clarified.

The Project State filter for auto-alerts has been rectified.

Default Expense Report Approver is now Updated with User Import.

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Online 4/8/2016
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