Project Insight Release Notes


PDF Expense Files now show a preview image.

Updates to the HTML5 Gantt Chart to aid in the development of the HTML5 Cross Project Gantt Chart.


Status description label still shows on new sites in the project add/edit form.

Workflow now saves correctly if Custom Fields are attached to the workflow.

Actual Cost is now treated as a currency. Task Work Expense vs. Actual is now treated as a currency and aligned properly.

Friendly error appears for incorrect input in the Priority Box now.

Fixed a bug which caused predecessors to not be saved if predecessor by number and predecessor dialog box are both present on the form at the same time.

Users who are not Project Creators no longer have the option to Save and Add Another Project.

Multiple clicks on resource assignment will now only assign the resource once.

Corrected a bug in which the actual start date and actual end date for the percent complete update layer was setting the date to the scheduled start/end dates in spite of what the user input.

Resource Types is now included underneath the "Users" section in the Admin as well as the "Projects" section.

UX Simplification - System Configuration Settings.

Download Date of an Invoice has been corrected to show local time.

Custom Item Auto Number prefix has been removed.

Fixed a bug which caused the Show Work Hours Allotted vs Actual to not appear on the budget allocation report unless Show Actual Hours was also checked.

Added file search capabilities to the REST API, and file download capabilities.

Fixed issue with the issue type duration setting option. If the value was set, but the option was turned off. It would create an error.

Custom Integration links can now be found with a global search.

Selecting a Project Template now preserves custom field values.

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