Project Insight Release Notes


All Connectors have been updated to use device activation for authentication. A Project Insight username and password is no longer used to connect the add-ins to Project Insight. The Windows authentication option has also been removed.

Introduced new HTML5 based Cross Project Gantt Chart with milestones as a first class report.

Rolling Dates filter option on reports.

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Hide and show the date picker icon correctly depending on form inline editing settings.

Fixed bug when searching for multiple keywords in the project report page.

Added page validation when uploading a file to an item that is not allowed.

Fixed allotments by user issue when allotment range is larger than the project date range.

When editing an item on the display page, the item updated alert was not fired.

Creating a Project from a Project Request now notifies the requester that the Project Request has been closed.

Added new columns to project report, there are titled - "% Scheduled Hours Variance" and "Scheduled Hours Variance (SHV)".

Global Search now recognizes text from the HTML Editor type custom field.

Fixed styles on ComboBox control to be compatible on MacOS devices.

User Name imports will now ignore case and update users with different case names.

Priority number was incorrectly including non-active projects.

Folder view now display a Project Request's Project Type.

Fixed bug on Project Report that was ignoring the search text.

Fixed bug on HTML5 Gantt chart that caused baselines to appear as normal tasks instead of their grey appearance. 

Fixed bug that caused unfriendly error in the Folder Display when updated by Column sort order.

The billable flag sometimes isn't checked for invoice managers on the "Status" layer time entry table.

When an issue is closed, the percent complete is updated to 100% so that it will not be "over due" when using the issue scheduling feature.

Time Sheet dashboard control would list time sheets for approval for PM when already approved in a two tier approval configuration.

Fixed bug in Cross Project Gantt Chart that caused ajax error when filtering on Project Types.

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Online 6/22/2016
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