Project Insight Release Notes


New Agile functionalities. Check them out here!

Project Scheduled Start Date added to the Time Entry report.


Fixed issue with selecting a theme in PI.

Pasting formatted text into the project description now maintains the formatting.

2 Tier Time Sheet Approval Process now shows time sheets requiring my approval.

Fixed issue on Resource Allocation report in the department ->user -> .... displaying a user that is not a project resource.

Fixed bug that caused the Project Selector combo box to double load projects into its list.

The home screen's Approval Request count now indicates only Approval Requests which are the current user's turn to approve.

The link sent for the file download now has the protocol correctly prepended.

The files for download are now stored in the correct spot so a user can access.

Fixed bug when clicking the "Expand All" button to allow the PDF generator to read expanded rows correctly.

Fixed a bug to load the users custom field values correctly on the user edit form.

Fixed bug that caused Project Description to get cleared out if user goes to Project Add/Edit form and hits save without clicking in the Project Description text box.

Fixed bug with Integer Type Custom Fields that prevented you from deleting a value (setting it to blank) once a value had already been set.

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Online 8/24/2016
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