Project Insight Release Notes


Added task types to the project settings, tasks and task reports.

Added a secondary confirmation when deleting a folder that contains sub items.

Implemented inline editing on the project report for some fields such as the priority, status and target fields.

Added support for restricting a time sheet to only have a single time sheet per period.

Added Custom Field REST service to allow retrieval of custom field information and reference data information on custom fields.

Added ability to perform bulk approvals on time sheets.

Added gearbox on notifications dashboard to select the number of notifications to display.

Added Item Delete Operations to the REST service.

Added new PI Themes preview page.

Added the ability to create multiple sets or quantities of tasks and summary tasks from the 'add tasks from a template' function.


Fixed issue with the time entry report and displaying the default time/expense codes of the task.

Formatted long item names to display properly in the context menu and other various sections of the website for readability.

Changed Project Request Report to output Scheduled Date as the same date format as the Project Report.

"Active" column removed from the folder view.

Items which do not have an "open/closed" state no longer show as open or closed.

Fixed issue were a report view could edit time incorrectly from dashboard.

Fixed issue with user import that would incorrectly import new users when not providing the user name column in the import file.

Fixed issue with custom item reports not displaying on the reports page when it had a custom sub item.

Added new group by column for Primary Project Manager.

Fixed a bug in the percent complete type update when task work hours are zero and a task resource updates the percent complete type, the value is applied to the task.

The Last Item Comment on the Project Request report now correctly encodes HTML.

The Project Status Description on the display page now correctly encodes HTML.

There is now a confirmation dialog when sending bulk welcome emails to users.

When your PI session times out you will now be correctly redirected to the sign in page.

Fixed bug in Project Request where editing the budget information on the display form did not cause the totals to recalculate as it does on the full edit form.

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Online 9/21/2016
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