Project Insight Release Notes


The dates next to the tasks have been replaced by Duration and Work Hours in the Summary Task selection dropdown on the Add Tasks from a template.

Ability to enter time in hours/mins instead of decimals. For example, you can enter 4:30 instead of 4.5 hours.

Added ability to Freeze Header and Column in Project Resource Allotment page.


Added a system wide setting for the allotment periods for the project resource allotments.

Saved Expense reports no longer runs twice.

Project-Level comment reports now correctly keep their project filter when viewing as a saved report.

Corrected tooltip for Work Billable at Completion.

The Links attached to a Company now correctly display on the Company Display page.

Utilization tooltips have been updated to correctly read target utilization.

"My Work Hours" has been added as an available column on the Task Dashboard.

Fixed issue with Gantt Chart that prevented you from accessing the mouse menu on the chart body.

Fixed issue with Gantt Chart that prevented you from a predecessor.

Social mentions now show actual comment or preview in notification stream.

Added a test for deletion permissions on the task specific delete routine.

Fixed the value and description for the Time Zone Region.

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Online 12/14/2016
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