Project Insight 12.3 Release Notes


A new server-based Timer has been implemented to track time against tasks and replace the old Timer.

Added Task Resource Report to the Project Reports so you can now save Project level Task Resource Reports.

Redesigned Expense Worksheet - If the Actual Cost and Description fields are filled out in the Expense Worksheet Edit Row and the Edit Row is not saved, submitting the form will now save the Edit Row and submit it as well.

Added ability to select Project, Task, and User Custom Field Values from the Column Selection.

Added support to automatically map custom fields from a Project Request to a Project when the name of the custom fields are equal and the input control type are the same.

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Fixed the bug that caused the parent item selector to error when an Iteration item type was in the folder list.

Added Project Request to the Rest API.

If an Invoice Term, Invoice Representative or Invoice Classification is marked as inactive it will no longer appear in the dropdown on the Invoice Add/Edit Page.

Add task actual hours to the time entry worksheet and reports.

Fixed issue with baseline dates for projects with cross project dependencies. The baseline work percent complete is still off in some cases with cross project dependencies.

Removed users from the unsubmitted time sheet report when the minimum hours for the user is zero.

Fixed a bug which caused predecessors to not save if predecessor by number and predecessor dialog box are both present on the form at the same time.

Fixed the directory user list on the mobile page to load the names correctly.

Comments now take up a single cell with multiple lines in Excel.

Added custom field support to file item types.

The Assigned To user now appears on the Project Request Display form after assigning the first time.

The scorecard score now populates in the project request report.

The (beta) required fields now work for the Project Request Display page.

Fixed the broken link on the edit icon for saved reports.

Fixed issue that left a project resource as a PPM even though the resource was changed to not be a PM on the project.

The description of a Project Request now persists through saves.

All project-request-children of a Project Request are now closed when the Project Request was used to create a project.

The ability to preview an item in an Approval Request's Item list has been added.

The Project Report now has the ability to filter on planning projects in addition to active projects.

The Expense Entry Custom Fields have now been added to the Expense Entry Report filter.

User roles on a User's profile display page now accurately show all roles available.

Added a button to delete the receipt of an Expense Entry.

Fixed bug in Project Request Report that prevented you from filtering Project Requests by Created Date.

Tooltips for Profit calculations have been updated to show the calculation used.

Fixed bug so that Report links redirect to the Project Insight full website URL.

Technical improvements - upgrade to .Net 4.6 which gives PI HTTP 2 versus HTTP 1. HTTP 2 has performance improvements for browsers using HTTP 2.

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