Project Insight Release Notes


Kanban Board Preview - Drag and drop tasks on a project to a work status.

Project Resource Report - Get your Resource Managers data all in one place


Fixed bug that did not allow all 'read' permission reports to be filtered.

Fixed bug that caused allotments to display incorrectly on Allocation report when mixing projects with Weekly and Monthly Allotments.

Fixed bug where Saved Cross Project Gantt Chart Reports would not show up in the Project Report List.

Fixed bug in Two-Tier PM Approval where PMs could not exclude Time Sheets already approved by them or another PM on their project unless the entire Time Sheet was approved by the final approver.

Added property to FileItem model.

Disabled request validation on web form page to allow the form to be saved.

Exporting to Excel now correctly defines the type for each cell i.e. Numeric vs. Percent vs. Text.

Added a test for deletion permissions on the task specific delete routine.

Fixed issue with Gantt Chart that incorrectly rendered the Month time scale as the Week scale.

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Online 1/25/2017
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