Project Insight Release Notes


Added the ability to specify a default handling of work hours when adding and removing multiple resources on a task.

Added approval request columns to the proposal display.


Added new column property to display the item number.

Removed button, since cross project Gantt chart should be viewed at project level.

Duration display now updates when using fixed start and end dates.

Filter type now displays dynamic dates on reports.

Active project filters on the task report when using project status for project active/inactive settings.

Task Resource report now filters active/in-active projects when using the new project status mode.

Custom item add/edit now displays links correctly.

Cross project Gantt chart no longer freeze frames incorrectly.

Fixed invalid width value in multiple checkbox column cell.

Proposal calculation is now accurate immediately upon adding line items, not just when the invoice is created.

Duration and work multiplier now works on the Add Task from Template form.

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Online 10/11/2017
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