Project Insight Release Notes


Time Entry settings now include optional rounding rules when entering values. For example round to the nearest .25 hour, or nearest 15 minutes

Added a "Reset Task Numbers" option in the tools on the task list and Gantt Chart which will re number the tasks from 1 to x in order presented on the task list and Gantt Chart

Added "Duration" on the project and task reports for group by and sub-total options. The calculation uses system default work calendar to calculate the work day duration between the first start and last end date in the grouping.

Issue status types now have a chekbox for "Show as Sprint Column" which determines whether or not the Issue Status Type is show as a KanbanBoard column when viewing a Sprint in an Agile Project.

Unsubmitted Time Sheet report has been updated so that user's simply checkmark the user(s) they wish to email or right-click on the selection column and select "Check All" to email everyone that returns in the result of the report. Also from here you can select to email the select users, instead of clicking Send Email.

Resource Email Address has been added as an available column to the time entry report.

Time entry report can now report on all users who are able to enter time instead of just those who have already made at least one time entry.

File Report Download Files option now always present in the report, no need to select the option within the report's filtering options.


Fixed a bug which caused the assignment resource type drop down to not populate on the task list if the resource type was also shown on the task list inline edit.

Fixed an issue which caused the JavaScript calculation for a day to always use 8 hours per day, even if the project level workday default settings were different, like 7.

Added the "Billable" checkbox option to the timer time entry submit

Fixed a bug which caused the is appointment flag to be cleared when editing inline for tasks.

Resolved a bug which on the scheduled report history form, when a report was a scheduled report type of "link" the name of the report was presented instead of the date like other report modes.

Fixed a bug which caused certain users (with read only access to templates) to not be able to create tasks from a template.

Saving a sprint on the add/edit screen now validates that the dates make sense, so End Date can't take place before the Start Date.

Exporting a task list now has correct excel formatting and sanitation.

When using Sprints and your viewing an issue's details from the Kanban board, the layer with details now fits the screen with a scrollbar if necessary.

Fixed a bug which caused an error when adding an expense line item to an invoice.

Fixed issue with task add form not honoring project default settings for actual start/end auto-population settings.

Fixed Task Resource report to filter active/in-active projects when using the new project status mode.

Fixed issue with unlocking a user that failed login attempts from the user display page.

Mass Assignment now removes resources per the label

Users no longer will get a Javascript/Ajax error page when adding an App from "Get Apps &n Add Ons".

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