Project Insight Release Notes


PI® Integration for Visual Studio Team Services

Added Apps and Add-Ons in the admin section that allows PI admins to add new apps like the PI Integration for JIRA and Team Services.


Fixed issue with the resources in-line editing on the task list would not save billable values.

Fixed issue with print friendly not working correctly on the invoice record display view.

We have disabled the feature to add new projects from PI to JIRA. You must now connect an existing project instead of adding a new one through a button.

Fixed the bug with caused permissions error when opening the download link in a different browser from the File Report.

Fixed a bug in scheduled reports with a PDF export option.

Fixed a bug which caused the "Bulk" welcome email to be sent to users who had logged in already and activated already.

Fixed a bug which prevented the Save & Activate & Send Welcome Email from functioning on the user add/edit form.

Fixed a JavaScript error which occurred on the Expense Entry Worksheet when the Actual Cost column was not displayed.

Fixed issue where the flag to disable PM's from adding a resource to a project was not being honored.

Fixed issue that some inputs on the project resource report where not being set correctly when returning to the report.

Added the allow .svg file types to be uploaded without file size requirements for Project Status icons.

Fixed a bug which caused summary tasks Work Status to not updating properly.

Fixed a bug which caused the Project History to not include the Percent Complete value on the history tab.

Added the option to export to Excel HTML back to the report screen.

Fixed issue with the project priority not updating correctly and in-line editing project status on the project report.

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Online 2/22/2017
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