Project Insight Release Notes


PI® Integration for JIRA On Premise

Company time entry from the timer - Team members may enter time at the company level from the timer. If your PI administrator allows for company level time entry, now team members may use the timer.


Fixed issue with the comment report not returning results correctly.

Fixed issue on the project statuses admin section that did not set the active flag correctly for existing statuses.

Fixed the new project status drives the state feature that did not set the active/inactive state of the project initially. It now updates active projects, however, this will not undo in-active/archived projects.

Fixed issue with work schedules that would not allow more than 2 days to be added at once.

Removed export to excel feature for Project Resource Allocation Report.

Removed export feature on Time Grid web form.

Added validation for My Work to validate dates on the Home Screen.

User Capacity control will load all users (active and inactive).

Timer start button no longer shows on a To-do's work status layer from the dashboard.

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Online 3/6/2017
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