Project Insight Release Notes


"Get Apps & Add Ons" proudly presents : PI Agile and Scrum. All the great features you have come to love from our current Agile offering in PI but in an App for those teams who want to use our Agile features intentionally:

Summary Task Creator Icon Summary Task Creator  : Make a task a summary task with the click of this icon. No longer do you need to open the Advanced Options Layer in the Action column and check a checkbox. This icon saves you at least four clicks!

Add PimaryProjectManager property as model on Project.


Added new column fields for expense report and filtering options to only show locked reports and date filtering options.

Fixed Work Hours that appeared on the left navigation menu after editing and saving an Issue.

If a task is deleted with a timer still running for it, the timer is also deleted.

Fixed bug that caused an error when clicking any approval option when viewing an Approval Request on PI mobile site.

My work hours displays the correct task resource work hours when enabled on the dashboard.

Fixed cell data to not encode values when exporting to excel.

Add Project Priority to the Portfolio Allocation Report.

Added filter to include/exclude in-active users on the Project Resource Report.

Added ability to filter the Cross Project Gantt Chart by Custom Fields.

Fixed an issue with a legacy time entry by task form.

Changed button to Submit Time Sheet on the worksheet.

Fixed a bug in the custom field "Table Grid" which prevented UK Currency values from being saved.

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Online 5/28/2017
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