Project Insight Release Notes


Added the ability to specify a default handling of work hours when adding and removing multiple resources on a task.

Added the ability to perform Task Bulk editing on a project "Task List" view.

Removed is the Action column from column to display on the task list which was a visual icon to move tasks within task list but users have for years now been able to move tasks by highlighted the row with their cursor and then hold down their left mouse button to drag and drop highlighted task to desired location.


Fixed issue with task count report for the project resources defaulting to "current month" instead of "all dates".

Fixed the 2 [Add] buttons in the approvals tab.

Fixed issue with expand/collapse not working on the invoice record report.

Fixed a bug which caused the proposal calculation be accurate to not occur until the invoice was created.

Fixed invalid width value in multiple checkbox column cell.

New restrict user to timer only.

Edit directly on Display Form does not validate required fields.

Added approval request columns to the proposal.

Fixed issue with cross project gantt chart allowing freeze frames when it should not.

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Online 9/14/2017
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