Project Insight Release Notes


Big changes are coming to the Project Status vs Project State for those clients who predate March of 2017. Take a look at the Project Active column in the Project Status Admin

Added the following properties and calculations to the REST APIs: Group to the User model object; Projects or Tasks behind schedule; DateTime value for "Forward Progress" details.

When creating a project from a Project Request, Project Insight now populates the fields for Default Company and Default Company Contract

You can now delete the final Project Manager from a Project Template - this allows anyone who builds the project from the template to be the only Project Manager

Expense Reports and Time Sheets now sort on the Dashboard and Home Screen by 1) Start Date 2) End Date 3) Person 4) Sheet/Report Name

Click on "Last Comment (HTML)" and "Last Comment (Text Only)" field in Project and Task reports to see all comments and add a new one - Wow!

Added a Planning board to the Project Views

Simplified the Administration > Project > Settings page

Under Administration > Project > Settings > Project Close Options, you can now select the option to "Enable changes to the project and tasks after closing/archiving a project"

Made improvements to the Invoice Record features:

  • Add the created by/date and updated by/date fields to the invoice record
  • Added the created by/date and updated by/date fields to the invoice records report
  • Added the option to the "Invoice Record Settings" to allow users to unlock invoice records once locked
  • Added Proposal column to the header of invoice record display when there is a corresponding Proposal
  • Added a Done button to the invoice record display
  • Changed the "Ready to Download?" checkbox on invoice record display to a button
  • Added the created by/date and updated by/date fields to the invoice records report
  • Added the created by/date and updated by/date fields to the invoice records report
  • Added a hyperlink on invoice record display to allow for reversing the "Ready to Download" flag

Made improvements to the QuickBooks integration:

  • Negative invoice records now export to QuickBooks as credit memos
  • QuickBooks integration settings now allow you to specify a custom replacement for the colon (:) character, which is not allowed in QB values

Reports that could be inline edited are now always enabled for inline editing by default


Reports no longer lag regardless of adding the "Text Only" columns (e.g. Comment, Description, and Resolution fields) - See Release Notes addendum

Adding images to Project, Task, ToDo descriptions no longer causes time out or slowness

You can now delete Task Types - oops!

Invoice Records no longer error when a line item populates without a description

Project will now set to Archive state correctly without requiring a default archive folder in the Administration settings

Inline Task Edit clipboard icon now sets the Capture Time preferences per the field name - it now does what it says it does

Deleting a Summary Task now shows the name of the Summary Task instead of the placeholder "$RowName" - woops!

Removed erroneous "Burn Down" checkbox options from Budget reports

When adding a user, PI now ignores passwords generated by any browser's auto-fill function if the "Manually set password?" checkbox is unchecked

Fixed how the "cells merge" when exporting to Excel and improved Excel export formatting

Editing the Expense Report on the Approval page loads the expense codes according to default values consistently

Online 8/2/2018
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