Project Insight Dedicated Instance Option

Project Insight offers a ‘hybrid option’ for its customers. If you prefer the convenience of a cloud solution hosted by us, yet have the security needs of an on premise edition, you may opt for the ‘dedicated server option’ that Project Insight hosts for your team.


  • Rapid implementation of your own hosted server
  • No need to wait for your IT department’s assistance
  • Separate rather than multi-tenant instance
  • Faster performance as there is no contention for server resources


  • Standard - Windows Virtual Machine D12, 4 CPU Cores, 28 MB RAM
  • Large - Windows Virtual Machine D13, 8 CPU Cores, 56 MB RAM 
  • Small -Windows Virtual Machine D11, 2 CPU Cores, 14 MB RAM
  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure Hosted Facilities worldwide
Online 4/10/2017
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