Project Insight Features - Project Requests Custom Fields Transition to Project Custom Fields

In our latest release (v.12.3), we introduced a feature enhancement that allows all Project Request Custom Fields to populate Project Custom Fields upon creation of the project. That's right - no more double entry just because it's a Custom Field instead of a native Project Insight field. The only catch (and it's a small catch) is the fields must match each other in name (exactly!) and in input type.

1. Create the desired Custom Field in both the Project Request and the Project
2. Make sure the fields text and input control match EXACTLY - I mean EXACT
3. Create Projects from the Project Request as usual and enjoy your pre-populated data!

Check out the short 'how-to' video to find out how easy and useful your new right-click can be. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them into the Comments box below!
Online 3/15/2016
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