Learn about the features and benefits of Project Insight, project and portfolio management software, and how our software can help your organization operate more efficiently and productively.  

Plan your projects by:

  • Utilizing custom items and forms to capture and manage your project ideas
  • Using project scorecard to define your organization's goals and key performance indicators
  • Mapping out anticipated costs associated with your projects in terms of labor hours, fixes costs, expenses and totals
  • Building out projects and editing using inline editing
  • Leverage all task dependencies and types to automatically update the project schedule
  • View and balance your resource workloads across all projects in the portfolio using drag and drop
Execute your projects by:
  • Empowering team members to updates tasks and percentage complete from the portal page
  • Tracking time and expenses against tasks, projects or organizations
  • Sharing project files of any type in a centralized repository
  • Track every iteration of an asset using file version control
  • Adding issues at the project or task level and assigning them to team members
  • Knowing which projects are on track or behind schedule by reading the graphical health indicators

Project Insight's powerful features include intelligent project scheduling, portfolio management reports, project requests and prioritization, task management, document management, resource allocation, workflow, approvals, time tracking, expense tracking, Outlook integration and much more.  Project Insight is customizable and is powerful for project managers and easy for team members and customers.  Project Insight will help you Initiate Project Intelligence!

Online 3/1/2011
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