Saved Dashboards

Many of us fulfill more than one role within our organization. This may require more than one type of dashboard to use on a regular basis. Now, you have the ability to save multiple preferred dashboard layouts.  Build a dashboard by choosing one of the 12 provided layouts, choosing the items you wish to view and click on ‘Save Dashboard’ at the bottom of the page.  You can easily access your list of customized dashboards under the Dashboard menu.

Just like the reports within Project Insight, there is also the option to share a saved dashboard to keep uniformity among your team. To manage your various dashboards, simply navigate to the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab under the Reports.

More Charts
Easily access a variety of charts to add to your dashboard for the display options on your ‘Dashboard’. View the entire list of available charts below:

- Issues by Company Default
- Issues by Issue Type
- Issues by Priority
- Issues by Severity
- Issues by State
- Issues Closed This Month vs Last Month
- Issues Created This Month vs Last Month
- Issues Opened vs Closed Last Month
- Issues Opened vs Closed This Month
- Projects by Accomplished Hours Health Status
- Projects by Budget Billable Health Status
- Projects by Budget Health Status
- Projects by Default Company Pie Chart
- Projects by Department Pie Chart
- Projects By Schedule Health Status
- Projects by Sponsor Pie Chart
- Projects by State Pie Chart
- Projects by Status Pie Chart
- Projects by Type Pie Chart
- Projects Created This Month vs Last Month Pie Chart

All of these dashboard charts can be found in the Reports section as well. The updated chart 'look and feel' has been applied to all budget reports as well.

My Work Options

With the ability to save multiple dashboards, your My Work section now has its own set of filters to customize what shows up. Simply navigate to your Dashboard view and a small gear icon will appear at the top right corner of your ‘My Work’ box in the left navigation. Click on the icon to pull up the various filters for each item in your ‘My Work’ section.


RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow team members to receive Project Insight information streamed into other applications. Now you can provide your team with the ability to view their ‘My Work’ list and system notifications in their RSS feed.

System administrators can enable RSS for ‘Notifications’ and ‘My Work’ on the Dashboard by going to the System Configurations Setting, then the Notifications tab. Scroll to the bottom and by enabling this system-wide, a user may go to the Dashboard create a link for the RSS feed. The icon to create a link will be on the top right corner of the ‘Notifications’ and ‘My Work’ boxes on the dashboard.


Agile Features

As Agile methodology gains more popularity, so came the demand for more agile features like burn down charts.

Track “burned hours”

If your team enters time, then you may designate agile team members as 'agile time entry' users. In doing so, these hours will be posted against your agile projects automatically. If your team does NOT enter time, then a project manager may enter burned hours for the team. 

Choose the 'burned hours' column on the task list of the project. Click on the 'burned hours' column. A layer will present. The project manager may enter in the burned hours for that task for that day.

Burn down chart

A burn down chart is a graphical representation of work left to do versus time. The outstanding work or backlog is on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal. It is useful for predicting when all of the work on a project will be completed. If your team is using the agile methodology or scrum, these reports hold high value. However, burn down charts can be applied to any project containing measurable progress over time.

Since not every team enters time in Project Insight, there are two ways to use the burn down chart, by allowing the project manager to enter hours on behalf of the team or for each team member to enter his/her own time.

Create a burn down chart at the project level. The time scale is editable to day, week or month. The graph will plot three lines along the hours (y axis) and time in days (x axis). 

-Planned burned down (calculated from our standard allocation algorithm).
-Remaining hours burn down
-Actual burn down



An S-Curve is a graphical representation which measures the performance of your project over time. It not only displays plan versus actuals, but also planned values versus earned values as they accumulate. While other solutions offer static, real-time values of planned versus actual, this time-phased report captures historical data so you may review what actual project performance was in the past.

An S-Curve captures the metrics of a project over the length of the project in terms of hours and/or dollars. You may see clearly what revenue you can recognize on your project, never losing the history. Your earned value calculations allows for GAAP cost and revenue recognition for percentage completion projects.

The S-Curve graph has been added to the project allocation reports.

This time-phased report will give you visual information on your team’s performance.

Invoice Report Update

Now you may create invoices even faster with the ability to group by resource type and more.

Enter Time Against a Project or Company on Time Entry Grid

Before version 10.1, non-project time was entered on the Time Worksheet. Now, all time can be entered on the Time Entry Grid. To enter your time against a project or company, simply go to the display options and choose to ‘Group Tasks by Project’ and use the column selector to choose companies you would like to enter time on.


Customizable Nightly Reports

Incorporate your organization’s look and feel to your team’s nightly reports. The nightly report now sends out as HTML and the data on them can be configured just like the auto-alerts!

Embedded Training Videos

Just getting started in Project Insight? New team members will find embedded training videos in various areas of the software to help them get started in the right direction.

Updated Mobile Capabilities

Forget to submit your time for the week? Project Insight now allows a user to enter both time and expenses on a company, project or task level from the mobile interface. You may also take a photo of your receipt and upload that to the expense line item all from your smartphone.

Also, any custom fields created in the classic interface will appear in the mobile interface now.


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