Project Insight Version Features

Cross Project Gantt Chart

Introduced new Cross Project Gantt Chart as a first class report. This all new HTLM5 based report allows you to run a report on your projects to get the 'big picture' status view. What's even better is that you can also see the project milestones (black diamonds) in this view. For your convenience, you can access this report from the Project Report list instead of running a project report and then having to click the icon.

Rolling Dates

What in the world are rolling dates? Here's the definition and brief explanation from our Director in Training and Support.

Rolling Dates - Use this option to save reports and views which will dynamically change the date range with every day, week, month, quarter or year.

The decision to select day, week, month, quarter or year is based upon the frequency the date range should change as opposed to the report date range. For example, a report with a range of approximately one month forward from today that updates the date range each day needs the Day(s) selection as opposed to the Month(s) selection. The Start will be 0 (today) and the end will be 30 to add 30 days forward in the date range from 0 (today). Alternatively, selecting Month(s) with the same settings 0 and 30 settings as referenced above will change the report date range at the beginning of each month to include a range of 30 months starting with the first day of this month.

From any report, go to your go to your Display and Filtering Options then hit the drop down under Date Range Type.

Online 6/22/2016
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