Project Insight Version 12.3 Features

Upgraded the Timer

The task timer is a tried and true feature. We’ve upgraded the way it works due to customer feedback. Team members may launch multiple timers on multiple tasks, start and stop timers from the aggregate view.

All timers display together from the timer on the main menu.

New timers may be added from the main menu too.

You can close the timer without losing any of your data. Each timer will stop only when stopped or sent to the timesheet.

As the data is stored on the server, you can even see your time from the mobile interface if you need to be on the go.

Learn more about the Task Timer functionally in this short video.

Updated the Mobile and Tablet Interface and Added Branding

The mobile interface reflects the current product’s look and feel. What’s more, if a customer has branding applied, the branding will display on the mobile as well.

REST API available for Project Requests

For teams that want to connect an external system like a company website or extranet to the project request form in Project Insight, an API is now ready for use.

Invoice Changed from Invoice to Invoice Record

We changed the name of the ‘Invoice’ section in the left navigation to ‘Invoice Record.’ As PI is not a formal accounting solution, this will eliminate confusion for customers and prospective customers. As the invoice record section is not designed to be a formal customer invoice, but rather a record of the approved time and expenses that have been invoiced to a customer, or passed in an integration to an accounting system, the new name is more fitting.

New Invoice Record Report

From the reports menu, there is a new report on invoice records. The new report offers many filter options just like other reports such as filters by company, custom fields on the project or company forms, group bys and more.

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Online 3/7/2016
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