Project Management as a Key to Business Growth - RCGI Case Study


Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers


Is your company growing? Are you finding it harder and harder to keep track of projects? Are manual processes causing inefficiencies? Don’t know what your team members are working on? These are just some of the challenges RCGI, an environment consulting firm was experiencing that prompted them to implement PM processes and software. But how did they choose from the 100s of systems out there? Angie Smith, Senior Project Manager at IPECC Solutions, the Project Insight Canadian Certified Partner and CFO Marc Lalonde from RCGI, bring you a case study of RCGI's journey to acquire project management software to support their growth, improve efficiencies and increase profits.


  • Common Reasons for Project Management
  • Challenges that RCGI faced
  • RCGI steps for software selection
  • Overview of Project Insight
  • Tips for evaluating software
  • The future for RCGI

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Online 12/12/2014
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