Project Portfolio Management: Controlling & Measuring Enterprise Work

Business Objectives:
  • Define project portfolio management and know what it represents
  • Understand the importance of software implementation
  • Identify the strategy on how to maintain an Enterprise Portfolio Management System

Experiencing the “domino effect”? Projects and Programs stymied due to the need of the same resource at the same time? Starting a lot, finishing few?

An enterprise is really a portfolio of work. The portfolio represents a basket of integrated products and/or services that is believed to be the right mix to satisfy the enterprise strategy to generate an acceptable range of profit within an acceptable level of risk. The health of the portfolio is no better than the enterprise capacity to carry out the work and perform for customers on time and with the desired level of quality.

The goal is to identify the strategy, approach, and tactical elements to develop and maintain an Enterprise Portfolio Management System (EPMS). This allows the best mix to be accomplished faster and enable shorter, easier, more reliable initiation, evaluation and prioritization to identify, select, kill, and support a balanced mix of products and programs. This session is based on VBPM’s expertise in designing, evaluating, implementing and the turnaround of Program Portfolio Management systems in diverse industries.

Online 4/24/2012