How do I reduce the volume of email Auto-Alerts and Notifications?

Auto-alerts are set with default email send parameters which may be useful during the early phase of implementation, but are often too voluminous as the team usage matures. One simple method to address is to have a PI administrator turn all of the notifications in the System Level Auto Alerts to Online instead of Email and Online. This sets the alerts to notify in the stream, displaying on the dashboard and optionally in RSS feeds, but stops them from sending email. Another option is to remove them completely. Taking more time to selectively choose which ones you do and do not want to send is also advised.

We recommend training your team members to set their own auto-alerts if you choose to remove them all at the system level. This allows each user to define their notifications to their own preferences. Your more active users rarely need email-based alerts because they see the information they need on a daily basis in their dashboard and/or reports.

Administrators control the system level auto alerts in Administration -> Notifications -> System Wide Auto Alerts

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