Reporting Project Insight Data onto Formatted Word Templates - PI Reporting App for Word

Project Insight can help you manage your governance documents or any forms templates you might be using in Microsoft Word. Common examples are project charters, business cases, and questionnaires.

Now you can create online forms to centralize that information, collaborate on the forms, route them for approval and report on the information. There are other training sessions on how to set up your custom items and multi-step forms.

The topic here is how to push any of these forms or other items in Project Insight to a formatted Word document.

Many teams have uniquely formatted Word documents that have been manually assembled over the years, then when they move to Project Insight, they still want to maintain the familiar format. No problem!

You set set up the form in the Administration section of Project Insight and push or merge data fields to the Word document for viewing and printing.

The set up is easy. Just identify the data fields that correspond to your Word form. Find the data token for that field. Drop the token into the area you want the data to land and that’s it!

When the PI user is ready, she just navigates to the export icon and selects the name of the form. And, voila! The data is in Word. 

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Online 1/25/2017
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