It's easy to contribute a new feature suggestion to our product development team. The best mechanism is to use the 'request support' function directly from your Project Insight application. To do this, first navigate to the page in Project Insight that would have the feature you want to add:

  • Go to the blue help icon in the upper right hand corner of your Project Insight instance
  • Select 'request support' from the list
  • Choose 'I have a feature suggestion'
  • Describe the feature in as much detail as you can
  • Send support request by clicking the send icon

 This will send your idea to our support team. You will receive an auto-alert confirming receipt of your suggestion. If you do not receive an email confirming, then please re-submit.

What happens from there is that product development is given the list of features on a periodic basis. If lots of customers are clamoring for the same feature, then it is moved up the list. If your idea is implemented, you will receive an email once the feature has been applied to the live or production SaaS system.

We value and welcome your ideas!

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