Resource Capacity

As many project teams have resources that do not work 100% on projects, User Managers can vary the levels of allocation and capacity for each resource.

Percent allocation is the default percentage of a person’s work day that should be booked for project or task work.

Capacity percent is the value of a person’s work day or week that s/he should be scheduled for. For example, if Joe works an 8 hour day, and he should only be booked 75% of his day, then he should only be booked for 6 hours per day.

Utilization percent is the percentage of a person’s day that s/he will be booked for as a goal. In the example below, Joe should be booked for no fewer than 4 hours of project work per day.

Maximum capacity percent is the most a person should be booked for in a time period.

These settings can be used to assure proper allocation of work, individualized for each resource.

With many of the settings in Project Insight, you can set this at the Resource level or in the System Administration > Project > Settings as the system default for all users.

Online 12/28/2015
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