Rest APIs

It's been hiding here: Administration > Integration > API (REST)

You can use these PREVIEW links to integrate solutions and extract data from Project Insight. If the swagger interface looks like 'it's all Greek to me' then ask your favorite programmer to take a look at it. This is potent stuff for the developer who wants more out of Project Insight.

The documentation and 'how to' is still a work in progress, but many of our teams want to be on the cutting edge of possibilities.

The Integration section/page is only accessible to Administrators, but a Project Insight administrator can share the first three links with anyone:

  • Swagger API Documentation
  • Swagger API Definition
  • C# API (REST) Client Documentation

The second section is our C# client library. If your team is using a different client library, then they will start with the Swagger Documentation and Definitions to build their own library. If they aren’t using C#, we would love to learn from the library they create. Please join us in our Customer Forums to start the discussion about different client libraries.

Online 5/12/2016
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