Search Results Require Windows Services to Locate New Content

To index new content in database fields for search results, the Project Insight application was changed to use the Project Insight Windows Service as of version This service should always be installed on production servers, however, it has not been common in previous releases to run it on test servers. This was because the primary user experience affected by the Project Insight Windows Service is simply the receipt of email messages from the server regarding certain events. Receiving these event-driven emails for irrelevant and out-of-date content on a test server is usually undesirable. It is possible to run the service for testing search results with the email option disabled.

To run the Windows Service with email disabled

This email option is presented automatically in the installation interface making it a simple non-default setting to choose the first time it is installed on a test server. For subsequent installations, it is advised to use a user.config file which will override any mistake made in which the default setting is accidentally unchanged.

Online 10/8/2014
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