Test procedures following a new installation

Perform the following test after a new server installation to ensure that all of the critical functions of the application will run as expected for all users.
  1. Login and note that the very first user who logs in will see a lag during the login process. This is only the case for the first login after the install or upgrade.
  2. Create a test folder for test content.
  3. Set an auto-alert for the test folder to notify an email address (not a user) for any items created.
  4. Upload a Microsoft Word file with the word ‘unique’ in the content of the file. Name the file test.doc or test.docx. Just make sure the word ‘unique’ is NOT in the file name. Leave the Project Insight description field blank.
  5. Test the uploaded file by downloading it.
  6. Use the Email Page option from within the test folder to send a test email link from the Web application.
  7. Perform a search for the word ‘unique’ and make sure it finds the test Word document.
  8. If PDF files are configured for searching, do a similar test as Word with a PDF file. This will only work if the PDF searching was configured on the server by installing a third-party application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  9. Check for the receipt of the email you should receive from the auto-alert. It should notify you of the Word document added into the test folder within five minutes of the file upload.
  10. Test the Microsoft Project import/export if you have chosen to install the optional program for converting Project files to/from Project Insight.
  11. Check the Windows Event Viewer for any application error messages from Project Insight since the completion of the upgrade.
Online 9/4/2014
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