Time Entry Form Error

The user cannot get a usable time entry worksheet form to display.

Steps To Reproduce:
This is usually due to a column being removed from the time entry worksheet display which is forcing an invalid selection. For example, the Company column is removed from the display, but it is defaulting to the last Company used, which has been deactivated.

Click on the Page Display options of the Time Entry Worksheet.  Select a saved column selection such as Default or All Columns and refresh the Worksheet. Once the error no longer occurs with the change (i.e. Default) and you have made a valid time entry, you should be able to reset the columns to the desired display. Saving preferred column selections as Quick Selections can help to quickly restore your preferred selections after resolving this issue.

Affected Versions:

Detailed Error Message
Stack Trace:
System.ApplicationException: Load Failed for type ProjectInsight.Items.Projects.Project using Procedure: EXECUTE Project_Load @ProjectId = 'gjy08e22-16md-34b8-6e58-7t15254742ff'

Another example could be as follows:

Stack Trace:
System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'ProjectInsight.Items.Projects.Tasks.Task' to type 'ProjectInsight.Items.Projects.Project'.
Online 12/28/2009
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